Freelance Continued and Other Updates

16 06 2009

Matador just put up another one of my articles and this one differs significantly from my previous effort. One of the things I like about the site is that it covers so many aspects of travel, including the philosophical and emotional impact world travel often has on individuals. This recent piece explores how I felt as a self-described procrastinator set loose on my own in China and Southeast Asia. Read it and find out!

I had hoped on my return stateside that I would be able to find gainful employment in the industry of my degree before my funds dipped below a critical threshold. Despite my best efforts and many resume revisions, my outstanding qualities and qualifications continue to elude any potential employers. The reason for such rejection confounds me when the choice seems so clear. Come on guys, just hire me already, you know you want to. Really, it’ll be awesome.

Such attempts at persuasion coming to naught, I have been forced to find some vocation to sustain my basic necessities. While I managed to avoid delivery duty again at the sandwich shop of my collegiate career, I will tomorrow attend a training session for that most ubiquitous of part-time jobs, a waiter. I’ve been employed in a number of fields, but this will be an experience entirely new to me. While I can be quite personable and amiable in social situations, I wonder about my ability to maintain such cheerfulness for shift after shift.

In the world of order taking and food serving, the twin skills of overbearing enthusiasm for items on the menu and dogged but non-invasive interest in the persons seated are what vault one to the upper echelons of food service income. Alas, my financial fortunes will again be left to the kindness of strangers. I pray for rich drunkards and recent lottery winners.




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17 06 2009

Keep looking you will find something! Waiting tables is tough, I’m not going to lie but hey it builds character. Work at as nice of a place as possible is my only suggestion from my New Orleans expereience-better tips and you learn a little bit about the foodie world and the “proper” etiquette of all things gourmet from how to make a Tom Collins to how to cook the perfect steak.

17 06 2009
Jim Gibbons

I can already see you sitting down at a table your are waiting on and trying to stir up conversation with them over the political ramifications of their choice of potatoes.

17 06 2009

Jim, you’d be surprised how much you can learn about someone by their choice of potatoes. My actually place of employment is California Pizza Kitchen, so I don’t really know how many potatoes will indeed be ordered. The owner of the place really believes in the franchise though, and he really wants me to believe in it as well. Go CPK.

17 06 2009
Jim Gibbons

CPK has pizzas featuring potatoes…so…you’re in luck!

Also, since JE just reminded me, I just wanted to put this out there: Jelly-Pants Johnson.

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