Gone, but Not Forgotten

18 02 2010

Fifteen years ago, one of my favorite things in the world came to an end. Bill Watterson’s comic strip creation “Calvin and Hobbes,” vanished from newspapers, retired after a seemingly too-short run from 1985 to 1995.

Watterson, who has always shied away from fame in a manner similar to the late J.D. Salinger, granted a rare interview this week to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a newspaper near the author’s home. Reading the piece led me to reflect on my own affection for the blond-haired 6-year-old and his tiger.

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The Advantages of Being Completely Terrible

16 02 2010

Today whilst writing my column for the newspaper about my relative lack of enthusiasm/knowledge for the kind of passing sports fandom that allows one to connect on the subject with total strangers, I recalled memories of my own storied junior high basketball career.

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Recollections of a Mediocre Skateboarder

10 02 2010

Just because you are not terribly good at skateboarding (despite many years of solid effort) doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything from it.

And, even you don’t read the rest of the post, you should at least check out this sweet video.

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In Pursuit of Public Service

3 02 2010

With several prominent local officials deciding to collect their retirement checks, the races for county positions are full with hopefuls looking to work on the government’s dime here in Nelson County, Kentucky. Nearly every office is contested and there are in fact 12 Democrats and one lone Republican gunning for County Clerk, a job noted for its low level of responsibility and high rate of pay.

I would direct you to the source material, but honestly the stories are not the most exciting piece of journalism I have ever done. Instead, I’ve provided the follow transcript that is a mash-up of the many (too many) interviews the staff at the Standard has done with candidates for county positions.

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