The Consequences of Our Enlightened Age

28 04 2010

In case you often heard, Facebook is doing something that is pissing off people on the Internet. Considering how easy it is do that, I’m not necessarily sure how seriously the company should take the criticism. After all, forum rants don’t pay nearly as well as advertisers. Certain groups always rail against perceived encroaches by companies upon the sacred soil of the Internet, but I’m not sure it’s ever really made them change course.

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In Which I Make Some Lame Excuses

14 04 2010

There are three vaguely legitimate reasons for the drought in blog posts here in this digital repository of my musings. The first holds only the barest shreds of legitimacy, but I have to admit the release of Final Fantasy XIII and my subsequent drive to finish the long-winded RPG swallowed two weeks pretty much straight up. No sooner had I grown bored with the ridiculous storyline than I found my free time corralled by the wanderings of the rag-tag group of misfits aboard “Firefly.” Naturally, it would only do to watch the entire series and then the two-hour movie. On top of all this, I’ve been running a number of miles each day to shape up for a half-marathon in June, an activity that can actually be justified as a productive use of my daily allotment of non-work time.

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