What defeated the Democrats

8 11 2010

It seems every publication in the world printed a headline along the lines “Now Republicans must do the hard part … governing,” so I figured if they can do it, so can I! I know it’s a little bit late but just in cause you can’t get enough post-election political analysis, what follows is my own unqualified thoughts.

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Life left to chance

3 11 2010

Throughout my time here on Earth, I have tried various methods of organization to order my days, all with little success. The trash bins of my life are stuffed full of organizers, calenders and schedulers purchased by my well-meaning mother. Often she will say to me “You will be so much happier if you just use this,” to which I will reply, “I know;” but on some level, I obviously don’t, for I never do follow her advice.

Of course, a life that is less structured is more open to moments of serendipity than one lived in a closed loop. Chance encounters, spontaneous ideas, unexpected adventure … such things all depend upon the fact that they can’t be planned for or anticipated.

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