Lessons in capitalism at a craft fair

28 09 2010

I recently received an education in the principle tenets of capitalism and economic competition from an unlikely source. It wasn’t a Wall Street Journal article or a lecture from a business professor, but instead a visit to a friendly arts and crafts fair.

To be clear, it wasn’t a trip undertaken by my own will. As a hobby, my girlfriend loves to sew, and she recently started making her own clothes. She made some business cards, painted a sign and entered such a fair herself in March, but on this particular occasion we were just browsing.

After a few hours looking at various garments, mugs, prints and jewelry, I came to a realization. If you look past the hand-knit items and cutely crafted tidbits and beneath the kind of hippy vibe that hovers on the surface, these fairs exemplify a kind of ruthless, capitalism that would make Gordon Gekko smile.

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All you need to know

26 08 2010

As late August moves into early September, the weather is transforming from being an oven which bakes your very soul (and soles, for that matter) to one more welcoming for the hobby of running. Therefore, with renewed vigor, I have set my feet to wearing grooves in my tennis shoes.

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Gravity is not a force to be trifled with

29 07 2010

In a decision quite divorced from any semblance of logical thought, I recently went skydiving as a way of celebrating a good friend’s impending entry into the world of monogamy.

What follows is an account of the experience I wrote for my weekly column at the place of my employ, that mighty bastion of journalistic might The Kentucky Standard. I apologize in advance for the tacky moral stuck on the end, but it is a necessity in the newspaper column business

There are some things that, from an early age, I have sworn I would never do. Yet at around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, I found myself seated on my knees with my head out the open door of an airplane cruising at about 12,500 feet.

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Expect the Unexpected

15 06 2010

As a working journalist, I am often afforded the opportunity to have experiences or encounters I might not, in the course of daily life, otherwise run up against. Indeed, one of the perks of the job (besides the excellent pay) is the chance to investigate interesting issues, met and interview fascinating people, and dive into the day’s news head on.

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In Which I Make Some Lame Excuses

14 04 2010

There are three vaguely legitimate reasons for the drought in blog posts here in this digital repository of my musings. The first holds only the barest shreds of legitimacy, but I have to admit the release of Final Fantasy XIII and my subsequent drive to finish the long-winded RPG swallowed two weeks pretty much straight up. No sooner had I grown bored with the ridiculous storyline than I found my free time corralled by the wanderings of the rag-tag group of misfits aboard “Firefly.” Naturally, it would only do to watch the entire series and then the two-hour movie. On top of all this, I’ve been running a number of miles each day to shape up for a half-marathon in June, an activity that can actually be justified as a productive use of my daily allotment of non-work time.

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On the Internet’s Lawless Frontier

11 03 2010

If you haven’t heard of it yet, perhaps you should check out Topix.com, specifically this part.

The team that created this had a genius idea. They constructed forums specifically for every single town in America, no matter how small, and then gave any visitors instant access. Like the comments section of an article, simply input a username, your response, pass a bot test and your insightful, informative comment is instantly posted. There is no e-mail registering, no system to prevent multiple postings under different names and not a damn moderator in sight.

It is incredibly easy to create a topic and then populate it with fake posters. Comments are never removed once up, it’s the Internet Libertarian-style.

Though a forum, it also serves as a “news” outlet, if by news you mean rumors posted as fact. In this way, it is actually a kind of competition for my employer, Bardstown’s tri-weekly newspaper The Kentucky Standard. I peruse Topix daily for a few professional reasons – to keep track of what’s on the mind of Bardstown citizens, to check for any references to the newspaper – but mostly for its pure entertainment value.

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The Advantages of Being Completely Terrible

16 02 2010

Today whilst writing my column for the newspaper about my relative lack of enthusiasm/knowledge for the kind of passing sports fandom that allows one to connect on the subject with total strangers, I recalled memories of my own storied junior high basketball career.

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